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Yes, we now have our very own book, ingeniously entitled ‘Love Your Greens’. Clever,

The book features contributions from award-winning chefs, including Jamie Oliver’s protégé Aaron Craze, so that you can discover thrilling new methods to enjoy classic brassica vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, swede, sprouts and cabbage). It also features fun facts, storage advice and a whole host of cooking suggestions and recipes so that you can make the most out of your greens.

The best part? It’s completely free! Our mission in life is to get Britain eating more greens, and what better way to do that than put all of our greatest ideas and recipes in one place, so that you can download it for free with one simple click of a button?

Cauliflower Creme Brulee copy

It’s always tempting to reach for the takeaway menu on a Friday or Saturday evening after a hard week at work. Now, you don’t even have to bother googling a takeaway number, simply reach for your phone to access quick, easy and healthy recipes. The thought of tucking into a comforting but calorific dessert on the sofa is also inviting, but we have a solution for that, too. Our new book contains innovative recipes which replaces high-gluten and high-carb binding ingredients, such as flour, with brassica vegetables (we told you we were clever). Eating healthy has never been so easy!

The book is available for download on Android devices here, and it will soon be available for Apple devices too.

Happy eating!