Here at Love Your Greens, we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle that encourages people across the UK to eat more and cultivate their own green vegetables. Nothing proves how dedicated we are to improving the UK’s wellbeing more than our most recent endeavours.

May has been a very busy month at Love Your Greens. We began by launching our own online TV Channel, which features programmes on how best to cultivate, prepare and cook brassica vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts and swede). Some of the guests we have presenting the programmes are Aaron Craze, Jamie Oliver’s protégé and presenter of Junior Bake Off, and Michelin star chef and restaurateur Mark Sargeant. The aim of Love Your Greens TV is to engage with the UK public on an interactive and direct level, so as to truly encourage a healthy lifestyle. Users can even stream the videos straight from the vegetable patch as they’re planting vegetables!

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The beginning of May also saw the launch of our free multi-platform eBook, ingeniously entitled Love Your Greens. The eBook is free to download on all Android and Apple devices, and features recipes from Aaron Craze and Mark Sargeant. The eBook also features over 60 recipes from children around the UK, who entered our competition ‘Tuck In’, which invited children to submit recipes using brassica vegetables. Informing children about the benefits of eating plenty of green vegetables at a young age is of utmost importance at Love Your Greens, as it sets them up to live by the ideals of wellbeing and good health for the rest of their lives. The purpose of releasing the eBook at no cost is to make the methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle accessible to all, particularly in our highly digital age. Our users can open our recipes on their phones or tablets right next to the cooker.


Our campaign to keep children informed about the benefits of eating and growing your own green vegetables particularly took off when we sent over 34,000 packets of seeds to children all over the UK, as part of our Village Fete campaign. The Village Fete campaign encourages the public to grow their own vegetables and send in pictures of their weird and wonderful greens, with categories such as vegetable animals, the most unusual green vegetable and the funniest green vegetable. Participants get the chance to win an eReader, where they can download our eBook, Love Your Greens and make use of our expertise.

We at Love Yours Greens are truly dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the UK public, and we will continue to engage with people on a variety of different platforms to get Britain eating green.